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Video: Australia Begins Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

new video loaded: Australia Begins Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign



Australia Begins Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

Australia began vaccinating its population against Covid-19 on Sunday. Jane Malysiak, 84, a resident of a nursing home in Sydney, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison were among the first to receive a vaccine.

[laughing] “Twenty-five years.” “Oh.” “There you go.” [speaking quietly] “There we go.” [clapping] “What we’re demonstrating today is our confidence. I am supremely confident in the expert process that has been led to get us to this day. So from tomorrow, tens of thousands of Australians over the course of the next week can confidently come forward from those key priority groups that have been defined, to ensure that we move into this next phase of how we’ve been preparing and dealing with Covid-19.” “Well done, P.M.” “Put that there, thank you. Well done.” “Just roll up your —.” “Thank you.” “Great, that‘s all done.” “Thank you.” “Thank you.” “He’s doing the same.” “That was excellent, you had a good nail.” “Oh, good.” “Terrific. All done.” “Terrific.”

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