FAISALABAD: A man was taken into custody by Khurianwala police on Tuesday for allegedly throwing his four children into a canal at Sheikhupura Road.

According to police, the man had a row with his wife four days ago over eid clothes not being made for their children.

He took the children away and flung them into the canal, all the while leading his wife to believe he had left them with relatives, said the police.

After four days having passed and no sign of the children, the wife went over to the police and lodged a complaint against her husband, they added.

The police said that when they arrested the man, “he confessed to the crime, and said he had thrown them into the Bhhikhi canal”.

District Police Officer Mubashir Maikan said that the children were as young as seven, four, and two, with the youngest being only a year old. Three were girls and one a boy.

He said that in his statement to the police, the man also “cast aspersions on his wife’s character”.

Maikan said that an operation to search for the bodies of the ill-fated children will commence tomorrow morning.

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